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Improve your sedation knowledge and skills with SST Simulation

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The SST Simulation Experience

The SST Simulation course (SSTsim) is a day of training covering minimal and moderate sedation. The course uses realistic, state-of-the-art, medical simulation and skills assessment techniques. During the 6 hour-long course, SSTsim will ensure that you are able to apply moderate sedation knowledge/skills safely and effectively in your clinical practice. We will teach you and your team at your facility; we bring the simulators, the instructors, and everything else needed to hold the course. Alternatively, you can participate in one of the courses held at various locations across the country.

Your team will participate in 5 different scenarios where you will apply your knowledge and skills, such as in performing airway assessments, assessing difficulty of bag and mask ventilation, conducting effective crisis communication, identifying and rescuing patients from deeper-than-intended sedation, and monitoring including capnography. Each learner will also undergo a rigorous summative evaluation of their knowledge and skills.

Professional CE credits are available: Dental CE, CME (coming soon), and CNE (coming soon).

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Taught by Board Certified Anesthesiologists

SSTsim is taught by board-certified anesthesiologists who are also some of the world's leading sedation experts. Our instructors are experts in airway management, sedation pharmacology, and patient monitoring. In addition, our instructors undergo rigorous training in patient simulation teaching methods.

Fully Integrated with the online SST Content

SSTsim shines because it complements and enhances SST's online content. Core elements of the online SST content are embedded into the pre-briefing and debriefing of each simulation. Exam and assessment scores are viewable in each learner's Dashboard on the SST website and a summary of the learners is shown on the Institution Administrator's Dashboard. SSTsim also includes useful cognitive aids, including quick-reference sedation guide handouts and posters.

Sst simulation pic1Participate in manikin-based scenarios
Sst simulation pic2Practice skills learned through SST courses
Sst simulation pic3Learn from experienced simulation center personnel

What our participants are saying about SSTsim

"I thought the entire program was valuable. It would be great if everyone giving sedation could experience this course."
"I found the whole course very helpful. I have been a sedation nurse for about 4 years already, but I found this very useful in my line of work. I feel more confident that I can keep a patient safely sedated."
"Excellent course! Everyone who gives sedation should be required to complete this."

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